Grace Williams is a company with extensive experience and recognition throughout the community.

Founded in 1998, our company has provided professional accounting services to other businesses and individual clients for 20 years.

To us, the success of our clients is a priority that we satisfy by providing personalized services to each individual under our counseling.

We understand that one of the most important parts of being successful at any given level is following the strict guidelines and standards set forth by the law.

The law states that any individual or company generating or receiving income, must file and pay taxes to the IRS.

This means that if you are receiving a fixed wage or salary, payment for services provided or are charging a sales tax for products sold to clients, you must file and pay taxes.

In the United States, the agency in charge of collecting these taxes is the Internal Revenue Service, otherwise known as the IRS.

However, these regulatory laws established by the government can be complex and difficult to understand, often causing individuals to make mistakes.

So whether you wish to start your own business and have no knowledge of how to do this, want to expand your current company, need to catch up on payments and/or debts to the IRS…

Or if you are an individual who has never filed a federal tax return with the government, or simply have any questions regarding what you have filed..

At Grace Williams, we will take care of your accounting needs in an efficient, honest and professional manner.




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