Our team offers you a wide variety of professional services.

Company Formation and Operation Licenses

Do you know that there are several types of companies?

Inc, LLC,  S Corporation. Once you decide which is the type of company that best suits the business you have in mind, we will proceed to form it.

  • Registration with the Secretary of State
  • Obtaining the IRS Employer Identification Number for Tax Payment (EIN Number)
  • Advice on business insurance (if applicable) (Worker’s Compensation, General Liability, and others)
  • Operating Licenses
  • Alcohol Licenses
  • Food Licenses

General Accounting and business services

  • Income and expense accounting books through QuickBooks
  • Preparation and payment of employee payroll (Payroll)
  • Payroll tax payments
  • Preparation of sales reports (Sales Tax) and payment of taxes before the Department of Revenue of the State of Georgia
  • Preparation of Forms W2 and W9 for employees and subcontractors
  • Preparation of property tax reports to the counties
  • Corporate and personal Annual Tax Return
  • Valuation and Business Transfer
  • Budget Preparation


  • Worker’s Compensation Audit
  • General Liability Audits
  • Tax Audits
  • Financial Audits
  • Internal Control Audits
  • AML (Anti Money Laundering) audits

Problems with the IRS

  • Debts with the IRS
  • Audits on personal and / or corporate taxes
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Payment plans
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Request for frozen bank accounts
  • Garnished wages
  • Amendments
  • Identity theft
  • Withholding your refund

Specialized services

  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning (Will, Trust, Powers of Attorney)
  • Retirement savings plans
  • 401-K Solo
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Defined Benefit Plans